The originality of our treatment is in the non ulilization of any instrument between patient and his therapist. (contrary to the acupuncturist who uses needles and a doctor who uses drugs). Our global therapeutic approach is based on the sciences such as Anatomy, Biomecanichs, Neurology, Physiology and Pathology. Nowadays, the the osteopathy diploma is obtained after 5 years of full time study.

Our hands are a real investigative tool. As a watchmaker who checks the logwheel in order to repair a clock, we explore all body potentialities with our hands, adjustment after adjustment, in order to restore the harmony and the good functioning of your body. We are not only intereted in the symptoms but also in body's story and its previous injuries which can go unnoticed.

The real originality of osteopathy is in the prevention, which playes an important part in many complaints. Prevention intervenes in all phases:

  • Before a problem.
  • After a problem to ward off the recurrence.
  • To decrease the disablement, the impotence, to delay the ageing and the dependence.

In France, osteopathy is now a reconized profession under the law of March 5 th 2002. Only those osteopaths registered with the Prefecture have the right to practice and use the title "Osteopath".


" Keep it pure boys, keep it pure..." A.T. Still.


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